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SP Well Fort

Transforming illness into wellness

SP Well Fort is an emerging hospital in Trivandrum, promoted by the SP Fort Healthcare group with 25 years of healthcare expertise. We offer futuristic medical treatment facilities and selected departments, delivering high-quality healthcare at an affordable cost. With a range of services, infrastructure, and facilities, we stand out among emerging hospitals in Trivandrum. Our centre of excellence in Minimally Invasive surgeries caters to various specialities. We prioritise innovation and have introduced the first Robotic surgery facility in South Kerala. Our focus on preventive care, CSR initiatives, and employee-friendly work culture further establish us as a leading emerging hospital in Thiruvananthapuram.

Management Team

At SP Well Fort, a dynamic and proficient management team spearheads the institution's success. Dr. S P Ashokan, the Chief Managing Director, leads the way, guiding the team with visionary insights. Working closely with him are Dr. Aathithya, Executive Director, Advaith A Bala, Executive Director, P Subramoniyam, Managing Director, and Dr. Athulya S Bhagya, Executive Director. Together, they strive for excellence in healthcare, ensuring patient-centric services, and maintaining SP Well Fort's reputation as a trusted healthcare provider in the region.

Dr. S P Ashokan
Chairman & Managing Director
Mr. P Subramoniyam
Joint Chairman & Managing Director
Dr. Aathithya
Executive Director
Advaith A Bala
Executive Director
Dr Athulya S Bhagya
Executive Director
Dr Aathithya
Ms (Ortho), Fellowship in Trauma Care
Dr Anu Antony Varghese
MS, FIAGES, FALS Chief Robotic Surgeon
General Surgery
Dr. Ashok Thomas
Ms (Ortho), DNB (Ortho), FNB (Spine Surgery), FSS (USA)
Dr. Malavika Ram Pradeep
MBBS, M.SC DERMATOLOGY (U.K), DIP American Academy OF Aesthetic Medical

Chairman's Message

SP Well Fort, a rising hospital in Trivandrum backed by SP Fort Healthcare group's 25 years of healthcare excellence is a futuristic medical treatment hospital right in the heart of Sasthamangalam. Across 20 departments, our affordable high-quality healthcare, including pioneering Minimally Invasive Surgeries and South Kerala's first Robotic Surgery, stands out. Our commitment doesn't end at the hospital doors. We are dedicated to the well-being of our community, an ethos reflected in our CSR initiatives. From providing vaccinations at cost prices to making infertility treatments accessible, we stand strong in our support. We cultivate a balanced work environment for our diverse staff. SP Well Fort isn't just a hospital but a pledge to excellence for all.

Joint Chairman's Message

Wellness is not just destination but a way of life At SP Well Fort, our vision goes beyond medical treatment; it embraces the concept of holistic well being. We envision a world where every individual is empowered to take charge of their health, supported by a healthcare institution that values and nurtures wellbeing in all its dimensions. We understand that true well being stems from a balance of physical, emotional and mental health. This understanding is woven into every service, every interaction and every corner of our hospital. Our hospital is more than just a healthcare facility where hope is rekindled, where families find solace and where lives are transformed. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals and support staffs are not just here to treat ailments, they are here to accompany you on your journey to a healthier life. With state of the art facilities, cutting edge technology and a patient centric approach, SP Well Fort is your partner in health.


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