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SPFort Testimonial

The patient is extremely pleased with the exclusive care provided by Dr. Sajeev from Spfort, particularly noting that his case was not attended to by others. The surgery was a success, and the patient was discharged after a two-day stay. The patient commends the significant role played by the nurses in easing his anxiety.


Ananthavalli, a resident of Kollam, expressed immense happiness after her total knee replacement surgery performed by Dr Sajeev’s team. She extended heartfelt thanks to the theatre staff and nurses, believing she’ll regain her mobility after completing physiotherapy.


Annalakshmi, who had gallstones, opted for robotic surgery under the team headed by Dr. Anu Anthony Varghese. She was pleasantly surprised by her swift recovery, walking home pain-free just two days after the procedure.


Padmakumari of Pathanamtitta, battling rheumatoid arthritis for a decade, underwent a successful knee replacement surgery performed by Dr Sajeev. She expressed complete satisfaction with the compassionate care provided by the entire team.

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